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Varsity Scoreboards, one of the largest scoreboard manufacturers in the country, is now licensed to sell Little League Baseball and Softball scoreboards. Discover why so many teams choose Varsity Scoreboards: Top 5 Reasons to buy from Varsity Scoreboards.

From keeping up with the time to balls, strikes and outs-we have you covered! Not to mention we offer inning by inning hits; hits and errors; totals hits, runs or errors and number at bat. We also offer pitch count for home and guest, which has become increasingly popular with the change in rules for some states. Whether you need a smaller, portable board or a gigantic board with sponsor panels, arches and all of the bells and whistles – we have it.

3314 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

The quintessential scoreboard for every Little League in America, the 3314 is our most popular baseball scoreboard, and with good reason. This powerhouse features the most popular game information in a compact package.


  • 8' x 4' x 8"

3312PC Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

Protect young arms with pitch count, featuring all of the basic game function of the 3312, the 3312PC trades the clock for a fully-capable pitch count!


  • 8' x 6' x 8"

3312 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

Keep games moving and on schedule with a game clock! Featuring all of the basic game function of the 3311, the 3312 trades logo space for a larger clock that an count down from 99:59 maximum.


  • 8' x 5' x 8"

3355 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

Game clock and pitch count! Featuring the game function and clock of the 3312, the 3355 adds built-in Home and Guest pitch count.


  • 9' x 6' x 8"

3385 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

The 3385 builds on the game functions of our other baseball scoreboards, but in a stunning, 16-foot wide cabinet. Scores and innings go up to 99


  • 16' x 5' x 8"

3316 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

The PERFECT scoreboard for smaller youth baseball/softball leagues that only need to score up to 7 innings. Perfect for softball with 7 innings!


  • 15' x 6'6" x 8"

3320 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

Perfect for baseball with inning by inning scoring! The 3320 updates the classic baseball/softball scoreboard layout with 15" super-bright 100,000 hour LED displays for maximum visibility.


  • 20' x 8' x 8"

3359 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

9-inning with pitch count! Full-featured 9-inning baseball/softball scoreboard with vital game information and built-in pitch count!


  • 20' x 8' x 8"

3394 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

10-inning with runs, hits and errors! Full-featured 10-inning baseball/softball scoreboard with vital game information in a remarkably compact 20-foot-wide package!


  • 20' x 6'6" x 8"

3328 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

28' with three-digit pitch count! Largest inning by inning scoring! Our largest baseball/softball scoreboard incorporates inning-by-inning scoring, At Bat, Ball, Strike, Out and Hit/Error displays as well as Total Runs, Hits and Errors.


  • 28' x 8' x 8"

3398 Baseball-Softball Scoreboard (LL)

Virtually identical to the best-selling 3328, but instead of AT BAT and H/E displays, features three-digit pitch count!


  • 28' x 8' x 8"
MS-4 Portable Multisport Scoreboard (LL)

MS-4 Portable Multisport Scoreboard (LL)

Portable scoring solution! Our largest portable scoreboard is perfect for scoring soccer, football, field hockey, lacrosse and many other popular sports.


  • 52" x 68" x 8"
PCD3 Pitch Count (LL)

PCD3 Pitch Count (LL)

Protect young arms with pitch count!


  • 5' x 3' x 8"
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