Multisport Scoreboards

LED-4 Portable Multisport Scoreboard

A deluxe tabletop scoreboard for serious indoor programs, the LED-4 scores basketball, wrestling, volleyball and most other indoor sports.

  • 22" x 15" x 8"

2207 Indoor Wall-Mount Scoreboard

This top-selling wall-mounted scoreboard is perfect for organizations who need to keep their expenditures under control!

  • 4' x 2' x 4"

VSBX-232 Basketball/Multisport Scoreboard

Lead your team with this outdoor scoreboard! Large 15" LED digits have a wide viewing angle and are legible from over 300 feet away!

  • 8' x 4' x 8"

VSBX-234 Basketball/Multisport Scoreboard

Limited vertical space? Not a problem with the space-saving VBSX-234LED!


  • 6'6" x 3' x 4"

VSBX-236 Basketball/Multisport Scoreboard

Can a small program find the perfect scoreboard? We think so, and the VSBX-236LED just might make you agree. The VSBX-236LED incorporates big-league function into a compact cabinet at an absolutely unbeatable price!

  • 8' x 3' x 8"

VSBX-246 Basketball/Multisport Scoreboard

Designed for multiple sport applications, the VSBX-246LED is an all-around champion.


  • 8' x 5' x 8"

VSBX-630 Soccer/Multisport Scoreboard

The best-selling VSBX-630 collects all of the basic game info - Clock, Scores, Period and Goal indicators - into a durable and compact 8' x 4' cabinet.

  • 8' x 4' x 8"

VSBX-645 Soccer/Multisport Scoreboard

Limited horizontal space? No problems here. The VSBX-645 features the same basic game information as the VSBX-630, but uses large 15" super-bright 100,000 hour LED displays.

  • 8' x 5' x 8"